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About A Road to Bliss


Do you find yourself struggling with some of these negative thoughts and feelings on a regular basis:

  • Insecurity
  • Loneliness
  • Spiritual void
  • Lack of motivation/inspiration
  • Unsure of sense of purpose
  • Anxiety
  • Sense of overwhelm
  • Fear
  • Financial instability

If so, do you find them manifesting in your life in the following ways:

  • Strained relationships with spouse, friends and/or family
  • Depression/Isolation/Social withdrawal
  • Loss of job(s)/Failing business ventures
  • Accumulating more debt without more income
  • More frequent alcohol and/or drug use
  • Increased fatigue/illness/physical pain

How I Can Help You

I meet with people all of the time who’re feeling stuck – like they’re going through the motions in life and just getting by, but without any true sense of purpose.

Not that long ago, I was right there, too. I know what it feels like when you dread going to work almost every day, yet you stay at your job – even working tons of overtime – because you’re struggling to pay bills, get out of debt or maybe even get ahead one day.

I also know what its like to feel drained or stuck when it comes to romantic relationships. you deal with the same fights, face the same exhausting patterns, and wonder if you are going to have to settle or face the scarier alternative of being alone.

My Story

I’m Sarah Gallagher, founder of a “Road to Bliss,” which is a project I’ve created as a way to reach those of you who feel like you’ve somehow lost your way.

Jack of all trades, master of none – The past few years that was the phrase that I felt most accurately described who I had become.

Whenever I would find myself talking to new people, I almost always had some degree of knowledge or experience in some aspect of their current profession. I also felt very aware of people’s emotions and feelings and noticed myself being able to feel what they were feeling.

I always just attributed this to various aspects of my personality:

I’m a quick learner – always seeking to understand how and why things work

I enjoy being able and to connect with and relate to all types of people

(I blame this on my being an Aries Sun Sign) I grow restless and bored easily.

One day while getting ready for work at my bartending job in San Francisco, something changed inside of me; I looked in the mirror and thought to myself:

“I really hope I don’t have any customers today that want to talk to me about me, because I don’t have anything to tell them that I feel very good about or proud of anymore.”

The moment I stopped suppressing those thoughts and allowed them to move out of my subconscious mind and into my conscious mind, I was hit with the overwhelming sense of knowing that some major aspects of my life were about to undergo some drastic changes.

What Finally Caused Things to Change for Me?

It wasn’t until a sequence of unforeseen events came along and forced me to make some drastic changes to several areas of my life, that my whole way of seeing and experiencing the world shifted. I had nowhere else to run from myself, so I had to face the music and start searching within.

Through my journey of self re-discovery, I was able to recognize and break negative patterns, let go of fear, and most importantly:

“I was able to find and unconditionally love my true authentic self. Along with finding that authenticity, I discovered what I believe to be my life’s purpose.”

What is My Purpose?

I believe that my purpose is to help other souls just like you to find freedom and bliss through facing your fears. And since I know from firsthand experience how painful it is to feel stuck behind your fears, I don’t want you to have to spend even one more day feeling that way!

What Are Some of the Ways I Can Help You?

To help you get started down your own Road to Bliss, I’ve created this site as a way to provide you with access to a variety of different resources all in one place.

If you want to continue along your journey alone for now, a good place to start would be reading the blog posts, watching the videos, and listening to the podcasts I’ve included on this site under the resources tab.

If you want some additional guidance and support as you embark on your journey, or if you feel on the verge of “Existential Crisis Mode,” there are a few different ways we can work together:

How Can You Work with Me Personally?

Think you’re going to need some more intensive ongoing support? If you’re seeking some clarity, insight and guidance on certain aspects of your life, including help with goal setting and creating actionable plans? Then I would suggest booking a free consultation with me to determine if one of my Intuitive Counseling or 1:1 Coaching Service Packages would be a good fit.

Do I Work With Couples?

In addition to 1:1 coaching I also offer Intuitive Couple’s Counseling Services. You can find details about all of my services under the “Work With Me” section of this website.

Before you do anything else, let me suggest that you start with signing up for my newsletter here: My Newsletter

By doing this, you’ll become a part of my community, and be given access to exclusive content, free downloads and courses, discount codes and more. You’ll also be the first to learn about ways we can link up in person through live events, workshops and Meet-Ups.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I can’t wait to connect with you. Namaste!

Love & Light,