Full Moon Ritual: Charging Water + Manifestation Hack

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full-moon-2055469_1280I originally wrote this post on March 12, 2017, as I thought it would be fitting to share on the eve of a crow moon/full moon in Virgo.

This post also has a video counterpart, and in both I will be talking a bit about the moon, paying particular attention to the Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle and the effects of this powerful lunar energy. I will also be demonstrating how to harness those energies by creating Full Moon Water aka Lunar Tonic using the metaphysical and magickal process of “charging.”

Charging Applying energy towards a specific purpose through focused desires and intents.


  1. Fill a GLASS with water (can be a cup, dish, bowl, chalice…just needs to be glass. Also, mineral water is preferred but tap water will work fine as well).
  2. Add a few dashes of SEA SALT (add to water for purification)
  3. Place CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL inside of glass (clear quartz is extremely versatile and can almost always be used to charge an element or object).
  4. After the sun sets completely: Set glass outside or in the window sill where it will be exposed to direct moon light.
  5. State intentions 
  6. Leave glass under moon light for at least three hours
  7. Bring glass inside before sunrise! Exposing the water to sunlight will cancel out the lunar energies and you’ll be left with the same uncharged water you started with (pointless)!
  8. Transfer the Full Moon Water into a bottle with a stopper or cork for safe keeping until you are ready to use it!